Publication design for the exhibition catalogue “Balance. 1970–1990: Kunst, Gesellschaft, Umwelt” in collaboration with Raffinerie AG. The catalogue assembles the first generation of Swiss artists dealing with social and ecological sustainability. These artists positioned themselves by citing from the—at the time—newly published study “The Limits To Growth” by the Club of Rome.

With works by Agnes Barmettler, Ueli Berger, Joseph Beuys, Heidi Bucher, Miriam Cahn, Judy Chicago, Agnes Denes, Maria Dundakova, Renate Eisenegger, Hans Haacke, Ana Mendieta, Ulrike Rosenbach, Beatrix Sitter-Liver, Doris Stauffer and George Steinmann.
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  • Kunstmuseum Solothurn
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  • Katrin Steffen
  • Marianne Burki
  • Reto Ehrbar
  • Meret Kauffmann
  • Pascal Arnet